That Small Restaurant Vibe

For years, I've been seeing restaurants become smaller and smaller. Recently, I've traveled to NYC and other major food hubs, dining at quite a few small restaurants and pop ups. I'm sure, especially in NYC, the restaurant size has a lot to do with limited space and high rent.

But I loved these small places - the vibe, man! Everyone packed together, talking to their neighbors, overlapping food smells, and being able to see everyone in one sweep. Guests have the opportunity to connect with fellow diners and feel like they're part of the action. It's a more intimate, exclusive vibe.

On the restaurant operations side, I think you can work with a smaller, more focused menu and mission. Hopefully it also allows you to maintain a smaller, tight-knit, well-informed staff as well.

It was reassuring to love this small restaurant vibe, because it told me that Talat Market is on the right path. Talat Market is following the small trend - we'll be around 50 seats when we open. Moving out of the pop up phase, we felt like our small restaurant is going to fit our established style. We want you to feel like you're being transported to the streets of Thailand, surrounded by people close by, food, smells, and visuals everywhere.

Every time I have a question on our restaurant journey, some inner voice tells me, "Rod, keep it simple, stupid." So that's what we're doing - simple, and small. We think you're going to dig the vibe too. Get ready for our “small restaurant” this summer!!

112 Ormond St. SE
Atlanta, Ga 30315


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