Talat x Collabs

These past few months, we’ve been taking a back seat in the pop up world in order to make time for the restaurant buildout. When a looming paperwork deadline and last minute meetings come up, time is a valuable thing.

But, we're still part of the pop up world, and we still want to be a force in an ever-changing food scene here in Atlanta. So we've started doing collaborations with up-and-coming pop ups and friends in the industry.

Collaboration pop ups are a two-way street between chefs. For us, it usually lightens the burden of preparing, prepping, and overall logistics that we normally shoulder ourselves, which is helpful while we're working on our restaurant. Collaborations also help us get our name out to a new audience, and we can help our collaborators do the same.

Plus, guests get to have an interesting dining experience that they might not get otherwise - in the last two months, we've done themed menus that center around vegetarians, allergies, and Swedish food. We've also gotten to do sweet collaborations with chefs to celebrate holidays like Thai/Lao New Year and Chinese New Year. As much as we obviously love and focus on cooking Thai food, these collaborations are a way to explore new ideas and menus.

So keep your mind and palate open for collaboration pop ups whenever possible - we're going to be doing more of them in the coming months.

- Rod

112 Ormond St. SE
Atlanta, Ga 30315


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