Social Media Backseat Driver

I like things to be consistent, easy, and not a lot of fuss.

Of course, Talat has been anything but consistent, easy, and low-fuss.

I think I'm a little "old school" in many ways, but growing Talat over the years has changed my view on a lot of things. One of the biggest changes in my mind has been about the impact of social media outreach on our business.

Yes, I do have a Facebook page and Instagram account, but I don't browse those platforms very often. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to post baby pics, or read updated statuses, but I never thought it was very important. Only in the last year have I realized that these social outlets aren't just for posting pictures.

I used to think that this "posting business" had gotten out of control, but now I believe that, used for the right reasons, it can be a useful tool for broadening your audience. I see the power of social media to notify people about anything, instantly. It totally changed the way we communicate (just like the phone did to letter writing, back in the day).

Through social media, I can see how people respond to events we've done, and I can see the growth in how people interact with us. Most importantly, we can share something with anyone we want in an instant - our pop up menu, an event update, our call-for-support Kickstarter, or a new, exciting announcement.

I feel proud of the way the Talat Market team uses social media. We're authentic and honest on our accounts, and that means that we actually create real connections with the people who follow us. That sort of access and instant connection has influenced the way we do business and how people perceive us. Social media has helped us grow from an unknown pop up to a (coming soon) brick and mortar restaurant.

Even though I'm a bit old school, growing Talat Market has finally made me a social media believer. It took awhile to convince me that it is worth the effort, but I'm starting to get more and more involved.

Don't get me wrong though - I'm probably still not first in line to post and reply to comments every day. I guess I'm the equivalent of a social media backseat driver, and you know what… I'm fine with that.

- Rod

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Atlanta, Ga 30315


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