Curves and Hurdles

FAQ: Ok, so you're ready for Talat Market to open?

Answer: Me too!!!

We’re on our way. Our sights are on the finish line, our checkbook is almost empty (*gulp*), and we’re itching to cook Thai food in our own kitchen dammit!

We never set out to open a restaurant in less than two years. A quick joke between friends is going to be a reality this summer. What the hell are we doing?

Well, we’re figuring it out... and as it turns out, that's challenging. There is learning curve for us. We're two cooks opening a full service restaurant - no fancy restaurant group, no million dollar investors, no years of business experience to rely on.

But... we’ve got friends! Mentors! And most important, a badass Talat team, a group of superstars that can jump over any hurdle that we come up against.

I don’t know what’s next, but I know we’re gonna be ok. We’ve been learning a lot, very quickly, so recently we’ve slowed our events, markets, and collabs down a bit - it’s time to get this beast under control.

There are a lot of parts of our restaurant to focus on - but we can't wait to open and see you all this summer.

- Rod

112 Ormond St. SE
Atlanta, Ga 30315


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